Good reads . . .

Reading the written word shows a certain level of intelligence that not all possess. Here you can find some of my favs. Feel free to comment suggestions.

  1. AJ Aalto – Snarky phrase turner with a head for the macabre.  Start with Touched and dive head first into the mindset of one crazy, but endearing, bad mouthed ‘day-sitter’.
  2. Catherine Coulter – Smart, sexy engaging story telling that spans centuries.  One of my favorite all time historical romance writers that includes one of my first and all time fav books; Devils Embrace.
  3. Kathi Daley – Sweet, Alpine beauty who weaves a mean cozy read.  Stubborn, emotional, reactive Zoe Donovan (Halloween Hijinks Book 1) will endear you with her love of all things mysterious and cozy, plus it never hurts to have a super rich, super smart and super sexy boyfriend/husband/co-detective and rescuer.
  4. Jude Deveraux – My first romance writer, my first and absolute favorite historical romance writer.  I will forever be endeared by my first introduction to history come alive in ‘A Knight in Shining Armor’.
  5. Nora Roberts – Probably one of the most single prolific writers of our time in Romance, Modern Day Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance and Mystery Romance.  But let’s not kid ourselves, we also know her under several other pseudonyms.
  6. JK Rowling – ’nuff said.


I will try to update this as I go along.  It is so hard finding time to not only indulge my inner bibliophage, but to churn out my own stories.  Sometimes the characters seep out, light and airy and at other times characters claw, scratch, rip and shred their way to the written page.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy some of my fav authors as much as I do.

kat devine